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Principal Turpin’s Message

It is with great pleasure that I greet you as the Principal of Hermitage High School.  Hermitage High School has been a cornerstone of Henrico County Public Schools, as well as an anchor for our school community since its inception.  With this in mind, I am honored and excited to work with you to ensure the best secondary education experience for our students and families.

Henrico County Public Schools has targeted four core areas to focus on this school year.  Those four areas are Academic Progress, Closing the Gap, Building Relationships, and Student Safety.

Our students here at Hermitage have the opportunity to work with some of the best teachers in our school division.  We strive to provide a positive learning environment where students are encouraged to be active participants in their learning experiences.  Our teachers are committed to providing the best educational experiences and encourage students to be active participants in their learning.  Teachers are continuously striving to improve their instructional practices to engage our students and integrate meaningful real-world applications when planning classroom activities.   The result of these efforts enables our students to be in positions to increase academic progress and pursue opportunities beyond high school.

One of the greatest attributes of Hermitage High School is our diverse student population.  We take pride in our diversity and make conscious efforts to embrace the many talents and experiences that our students and families have to offer.  Promoting the diversity of our school only enhances the overall student experience.  We continuously look to develop and implement strategies that better support all students academically, therefore closing the academic gap.

My strongest asset by far is in the category of building relationships.  Building positive working relationships with all members of our school community is paramount to having a positive school environment, where students are academically challenged and encouraged to pursue their post-secondary goals.  Students and their families are supported with a variety of resources outside of the classroom through School Administration and our School Counseling Department.  Students are also encouraged to actively participate in the various extra-curricular organizations and athletic teams to build positive working relationships with other students as well as other adult mentors.  Parent buy-in is essential to student achievement, and it is our goal to include families as part of the plan and to value what they already do for our students.

Student safety is essential to a positive learning environment. I view safety as a top priority and as an attitude that can be fostered in a proactive way.  It is imperative that we as a school community provide experiences and resources that generate awareness and promote the safety of our students at all times.  We will continue to create a school climate fostered by respect for others.

As stated before, it is a privilege to have this opportunity to work with you and our students.  I look forward to a great school year!

Robert A. Turpin, III








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